The Essentials of Kitchen Lighting

When selecting lighting for your kitchen, a lot more goes into the process than simple aesthetic choices. The kitchen is the room where some of your most important tasks take place, so the guidelines for lighting it are a little more precise. The lighting for your kitchen can be broken down into three types: general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. These three lighting types come together to create layers of light that illuminate the room enough to perform tasks safely, and provide dimension to the room.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is the most important part of designing a well-lit kitchen. This type of lighting is used to illuminate specific areas where important tasks are done. This includes over the sink, the kitchen island, and over the countertops. Pendant or track lighting is perfect for accomplishing this. When illuminating your countertops, placing recessed lighting underneath your cabinets at key points is also a good way to create task lighting.

General Lighting

General lighting should wash the whole room with light. The purpose is to fill in any gaps in light created by task and accent lighting. Recessed lights set evenly along the ceiling are an excellent way to accomplish this without using up a ton of space.

Accent Lighting

The purpose of accent lighting is to add dimension to any space. These lights should be brighter than your general lighting, so that they stand out. Wall sconces or strip lighting above or below your cabinets make excellent accent lights in the kitchen.

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