Selecting the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

The bathroom is arguably the most important room for lighting. We use the bathroom to complete most of our personal grooming tasks, so improper lighting could result in missing a spot while shaving, or a makeup mistake you’ll notice later when you get to work. Lighting the bathroom requires at least two types of lighting – task lighting and ambient lighting.

Task Lighting

Adding task lighting to the bathroom is a little more complicated than in the kitchen. You need to create an even amount of light in the vanity area so that it is lit evenly, casting no shadows on your face. Your daily grooming tasks will be difficult in uneven light. Placing sconces on either side of the vanity is a good way to accomplish this, unless you have a wide mirror. In that case, place the light above the vanity mirror. In order to achieve even lighting, use elongated fixtures that span across most of your vanity mirror.

It is also essential to place a light within your shower. A recessed light with a glass cover is perfect for this. Avoid plastic, as it can yellow over time.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is used to light the entire bathroom, filling in any spaces not illuminated by task lighting. Depending on the size of your bathroom, a single medallion light centered on the ceiling is perfect for this.

Lightstyle of Tampa Bay

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