Why is My Landscape Lighting Making My Plants Look Sickly?

landscape and path lightingYou spent a lot of time perfecting your landscaping, so you purchased landscape lighting to show it off and create the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor space. There’s just one problem: the lights you selected are making your trees and plants look sickly. The goal of exterior lighting is to create a warm, welcoming aura, so choosing the correct lighting is important for achieving the desired look. Here’s where your first set of lights went wrong:


Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting – Tone Matters

When selecting your landscape lighting, the tone matters. LED lighting comes in an impressive range of colors, and it’s not always easy to figure out which color is best for which lighting applications. When it comes to outdoor lighting, we specifically want to choose the right color temperature.

The reason that your plants look sickly is because the LEDs you chose are cool toned. Cool-toned lighting casts a white, almost blue tone over everything, which looks unnatural in an outdoor setting. A warm-toned LED will give your foliage a healthy glow and create the warm, welcoming effect you desire.  Incandescent bulbs measure color temperature in kelvins, with the warm tones falling between 2,700 and 3,500K. When purchasing LEDs, you will generally find the tone listed, or a comparison to incandescent color temperature.

Where to Find the Best Selection of Outdoor Lighting in Tampa

When you are searching for outdoor lighting in Tampa that will create the perfect atmosphere and showcase your exceptional landscaping be sure to visit Lightstyle of Tampa Bay before you go anywhere else.

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