Utilizing Well Lights in Your Outdoor Spaces

beautiful home with well lights around the perimeterWell lights are concealed fixtures that are installed in the ground to provide up-lighting in order to highlight architectural features of a home or landscaping elements like trees, plants, and fountains. Well lighting is a great way to utilize landscape lighting in Tampa without cluttering your landscape with fixtures, similar to the way recessed ceiling lights work in interior spaces. Well lights can service a number of functions in an outdoor space.


Accent Lighting – Well lighting can be placed at the base of trees or other decorative elements of your landscaping to make them stand out. It will look as if the light is emanating from the earth itself, casting a beautiful radiance on specific areas you would like to highlight.

Ambient Lighting – When spaced evenly around the perimeter of your house, well lights can provide a beautiful glowing aura to our home’s exterior.

Choosing Well Lighting Based on Climate – It’s important to choose your outdoor lighting fixtures based on the climate you live in. In the humid Florida weather, brass and copper fixtures tend to hold up the best. We also recommend choosing glass over plastic to prevent the fixture from becoming cloudy.

For a wide selection of landscape lighting, including an assortment of well lights, visit Lightstyle of Tampa Bay, today.

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