Utilizing Well Lights in Your Outdoor Spaces

Well lights are concealed fixtures that are installed in the ground to provide up-lighting in order to highlight architectural features of a home or landscaping elements like trees, plants, and fountains. Well lighting is a great way to utilize landscape lighting in Tampa without cluttering [...]

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Why is My Landscape Lighting Making My Plants Look Sickly?

You spent a lot of time perfecting your landscaping, so you purchased landscape lighting to show it off and create the perfect atmosphere for your outdoor space. There’s just one problem: the lights you selected are making your trees and plants look sickly. The goal [...]

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Ceiling Fans – 5 Things to Know Before You Buy

A ceiling fan is more than an appliance – it’s a design statement. Most ceiling fans are located front and center in the home – dominating the scene in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or patio – so style is important. Think twice before you [...]

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